Become a Stylist

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the business opportunities that J. Hilburn offers to its partners.

J Hilburn’s goal is to reinvent the clothing industry and create a model where we connect with men personally like no other company.  J. Hilburn fits the man, not the industry.

 J. Hilburn is the fastest growing custom clothing company in the world.  The company’s direct to consumer model continues to accelerate growth of customers and volume of sales in markets of all sizes. Since its 2007 launch, J .Hilburn has doubled revenues year over year and is on track to continue this trend in 2013, becoming a $55 million company by the end of the year.  J.Hilburn has sold 300,000 custom shirts to date and is now the largest maker of custom shirts and made-to-measure trousers worldwide.

J. Hilburn is transforming men’s fashion by providing luxury apparel at boldly lower prices and providing  personal stylists to its customers.  J. Hilburn’s signature product is the Italian custom-made dress shirt made from luxurious Italian fabrics. In addition to shirts, J. Hilburn offers everything in a man’s wardrobe from suits (full, jackets, tuxes) to casual (AG Jeans, polos, T-shirts) to outerwear, sweaters (cashmere, blend) and accessories (belts, socks, ties, cuff links, pocket squares).  J Hilburn is still in its early phases of expansive growth as a company. Recently, J. Hilburn has brought on Scott Bedbury (the genius behind Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign and Starbucks marketing) to market the J. Hilburn brand.  Hear Scott directly on a short video as he discusses his thoughts on J. Hilburn.



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